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Are you looking for a disposable pod that is compact, light-weight and offers you a good experience? There is nothing like NXXT Spliff disposable pods with artificial nicotine, rich flavor requiring no maintenance, and satisfying your cravings well.
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Why NXXT Products are Unique?

Flavorful CBD disposable pods

What about you are in a forest and don’t have power to charge your vape device? This is the time you need a pod like NXXT Spliff disposable pod. The revolutionary pods are ideal for all situations like getting lost in the forest or having to charge it in between vaping.

There are no hassles of changing pods, refilling e-juices. The CBD disposable pod contains tobacco free nicotine with 1.5%TFN and 7.5% of hemp blend. Each pod offers you 800 puffs that are good if you are vaping on the go. If you are in need to satisfy your nicotine cravings, this is it. It helps you quit smoking too.

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