About Us

Pure & Premium Grade CBD Products

NXXT brings a unique amalgamation of CBD, CBG, CBN, Delta 8 and hemp to offer a phenomenal experience all throughout.

About Us

We, at NXXT believe in nothing short of the best. Our constant R&D led us to come up with a unique product that is rich in CBD, CBG, CBN, Hemp and Delta 8 that was nowhere to be found. It caters to every consumer who believes in going above and beyond the ordinary to satisfy their needs.

Where We Started

Our Story

To bring something new and unique to our customers led to the formation of NXXT. We aimed to manufacture a product that included all the essentials CBD components, making it enjoyable for all customers. Our thorough R&D led us to the goodness CBD. After trying all kinds of CBD products, it became clear that customers lacked a unique device yet perfectly satisfied their CBD needs.

The CBD products available in the market contained little to no CBD. This was when we thought of coming up with a product of its kind, rich in CBD and delta 8 compounds.

Our aim has always been to offer a unique product that was never there in the market. With the growing demand for CBD and its components, we found it necessary to come up with a product that was an amalgamation of different components and sufficed the need of consumers that other products couldn’t, and this led us to NXXT.


Our Ingredients

NXXT provides its customers fully compliant CBD. Our hemp is grown and extracted in the US within strict guidelines. Our products contain no pesticides, insecticides, and with 0%THC. Our knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry led us to develop products including the best ingredients, such as CBD, CBN, CBG, delta 8, along with several natural and artificial flavoring.

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid derived from marijuana plants. Our product is truly the first of its kind, with an amalgamation of several CBD compounds.

Our ingredients are not only safe, but also quality tested before making it available to our consumers. We don’t compromise when it comes to authenticity and all our products are proof of that. They are safe and suitable for use without a doubt.



Our products include the finest quality hemp grown and sourced from the US, so you get nothing short of the best.



Our products undergo a thorough lab testing process making sure what you get is what you deserve- the SAFEST.



We aim to deliver the first of its kind CBD product that isn’t available yet to customers who seek the divine.

Community Reach

Community Reach

We stress over community help and team up with veterans and fellow citizens to add wellness into the community.



Innovation is the forte that led us to bring a product with all CBD compounds such as CBN, CBG, delta 8.

Why NXXT Is Unique?

Our products are sourced from 100% organic ingredients, including organic hemp grown in the US. We use proper extraction methods that cause no harm to the environment. All our products undergo lab testing, so we know our customers consistently receive safe products. NXXT also offers products with 0% THC and zero chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides.


Why We Do It?

NXXT has carved a name for itself, specializing in CBD products. Known for their organic products coming with 0%THC, NXXT clearly understands what the customers want and strives to deliver the best quality products. We stress over diversity that is a crucial part of our brand. Our interest in helping everyone see the benefits of high-end CBD led us to NXXT.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to innovate and offer something exquisite to our customers that satisfies their needs perfectly. We aim to deliver the most potent, great-tasting CBD products that you can trust always.


NXXT’s initiative offers high-standard products, thereby giving confidence to customers that CBD products are legal and safe. We sell what we use. So, everything’s on us. At NXXT, we use it before offering it to you.



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