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We understand the difficulty of finding trusted and highest quality products. Our selection of products are made with pure and potent ingredients, sourced organically, and extracted with precision by professionals. We believe in offering you a mind refreshing feeling you haven’t experienced yet, following strict quality control.

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NXXT Bar Features
Uplift Your Mood

Our NXXT bar includes the perfect combination of various blends along with PG, VG, artificial and natural flavoring. All our products are completely safe to consume and help lift up your mood like nothing else. Our range includes highest level of pharmaceutical grade full spectrum blends that offers a psychedelic feel-good experience.


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Why Are NXXT Products

NXXT products are unique since they are manufactured under organic regulations. The products don’t contain any ingredient that doesn’t quite work well with your body, all ingredients are 100% naturally sourced. We use proper extraction methods that don’t harm the environment, and doesn’t include pesticides or insectides.

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Third Party Lab Tested,
Quality Guaranteed

Safety and quality are our priority. All the ingredients are third party lab tested that determines quality of compounds, ensuring potency of it all. The products undergo testing to determine safety, purity and consistency. The tests include safety results for heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents and more.


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NXXT is completely dedicated to transparency, education and highest quality with its line of products. We offer you completely value driven price points. With concise and clear labelling, and proper merchandising, we invite you to be part of our wholesale program. You get super fast delivery, best pricing and unparalleled support from start to end. You can connect with us to be our wholesale partner!


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