What Is CBG & Its Benefits

What Is CBG and It's Benefits

CBG, or cannabigerol, according to researchers, is the precursor to CBC, CBD as well as THC. It is often commonly termed as the stem cell. It is one of those 400 cannabinoids and other compounds that you can find in the cannabis Sativa plant. CBG cannabinoid holds the status of being the mother of cannabinoids. It also has an abundance of low THC along with high CBD strains such as hemp.


CBG is one of the popular cannabinoids out there. It is rather interesting to know about this cannabinoid is all about. This blog throws light on common misconceptions if CBG can make you high. There are numerous benefits of using CBG products and this content discusses about it briefly. Gradually, this content clears the confusion between CBG and CBD and its similarities, too. Consuming CBG and getting benefits from it requires consuming proper dosage and you can find about this in this blog.

What Is CBG?

Now, let's dive into what is CBG...

CBG, an amazing non-psychoactive cannabinoid is derived from the cannabis Sativa plant. Interestingly, the majority of cannabis genetics contain just a traceable amount of CBG, like one percent. Since it is present in such low levels, this less popular cannabinoid is known as CBG. In 1975, researchers found that CBGA, which is the acidic form of CBG formed from the cannabis Sativa plant.

CBG is also the non-acidic kind of CBGA. It is the primary molecule that produces different cannabinoids. After the cannabis Sativa matures fully, majority of CBG in the plant becomes converted to CBGA. This CBGA then gets turned into different cannabinoids. Despite the conversion, CBG is still the parent of all other cannabinoids you know of, such as CBC, CBD, and THC. While CBG is present in small quantities in hemp plants other compounds, THC and CBD are found in large quantities.


Will CBG Get Me High?


A study based on users found that CBG gives you those runners high and not the psychoactive high. It does trigger the release of endorphin working to uplift your mood and help you relax your mind.

In other words, CBG cannabinoid on its own doesn't affect your brain to give you that high or light-headedness. It is the THC compound that mainly gives you the euphoric feeling, which is absent in CBG. So, it noways makes you feel high. Both CBD and CBG are non-intoxication cannabinoids. Though made from cannabis, CBG doesn't contain THC, the psychoactive chemical creating a high. It is slightly psychoactive and can’t impair your reasoning, whatsoever.

Benefits Of CBG

  • 1CBG contains anti-microbial, anti-septic, and anti-bacterial properties and efficient in combating MRSA. In a study in 2008, CBG showed great results in treating MRSA working as an anti-bacterial agent.
  • 2CBG is also found to slow down cancer cell growth. It even acts as an appetite stimulant that helped patients receiving chemotherapy. In 2014 research, CBG was found to stop colon cancer tumor growth.
  • 3CBG's ability to heal skin inflammation has also been found. It is believed to treat psoriasis, eczema, and other skin ailments and reduces inflammation.
  • 4CBG can also be used for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and Huntington's disease. It normalizes abnormal genes involved in brain degeneration.
  • 5CBG also helps reduce pain and discomfort, such as joint pain, abdominal pain, cramps, nausea, weight loss, diarrhea, and more.
  • 6CBG helps to break down the neurotransmitter, called GABA. Increased GABA concentration has better effects on regulating stress responses.
  • 7CBG benefits include treating bladder dysfunctions. It inhibits muscle contraction in the bladder that aids in bladder disorder treatments.

What Is The Difference Between CBD And CBG?

CBG is termed as the parent cannabinoid that aids in making CBD. But, both these cannabinoids are distinct compounds of the same cannabis Sativa plant. They both differ in their purposes as well as in aiding medical treatments.

CBG and CBD have similarities as they both have non-psychoactive properties. It means neither of them alters the way your brain functions or hampers mental clarity. These compounds, however, may alter your mind, thereby relieving anxiety and depression.

The easiest way to describe these two compounds is that these are both non-intoxicating in nature, and unlike their THC counterpart, they don't alter your mind.

CBG, also counteracts the intoxicating effect of THC compounds, like CBD. It means if any person consumes cannabis containing high amounts of CBG, it can counterbalance the high or intoxication and bring him back to clarity.

Can You Buy CBG Online?

Can you buy CBG online? The answer is yes.

CBG flower is rare, and difficult to find. In its initial stages, the cannabis Sativa plant produces CBG that transforms into other cannabinoids after it matures. An easy way, when the Sativa plant grows old, the CBG turns into THC or CBD or other cannabinoids, leaving behind small traces of CBG when the Sativa plant flowers.

So, you can find CBG isolates across online stores at good price, and with amazing discounts. However, for quality CBG, you need to spend more. It depends on the quantity, form, and CBG percentage. You can find CBG in various forms, such as CBG oil, CBG seeds, and CBG isolates.

How Much CBG To Take?

There is no specific instruction on how much CBG to take. The dose of CBG and CBD remains a personal affair can depend on several factors, including age, underlying medical conditions, and experience with cannabis and baseline health.

You can determine the ideal dosage for CBG. According to the rule of thumb, starting low and gradually increasing the dose is recommended for all. CBG has proved to be well-tolerated, and the side effects of taking excess CBG are mild. It is best to follow the recommended dosage to prevent an unlikely experience.

Every brand label contains MG or a percentage of how much CBG the product contains. But, it isn't there on the label; check their lab results mentioned on the website. Always check the recommended dosage for consuming CBG to get better results.