What Is Hemp Extract?

What Is Hemp Extract and It's Benefits

Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, is a variety of cannabis Sativa plant species. But it is different from intoxicating forms of cannabis we are aware of. This relative of the marijuana plant contains CBD. This part of that cannabis family includes all varieties containing negligible amounts of THC.


Find out all you need to know about hemp extract and more. This blog highlights what hemp extract is, if it can get you high and so much more. Read on to find the enormous benefits of hemp extracts. Also, get answers to how hemp and marijuana differ from each other and get your doubts cleared. Find out if hemp shows up on a drug test and what are the uses of hemp extracts. If you have been wondering about hemp extracts and what these, this blog is surely going to answer all your questions, well.

What Is Hemp Extract?

Having thoughts about what is hemp extract? Let’s dive deeper. One variety of cannabis Sativa L, hemp, is known as a dioecious plant. This means you can separate clearly into female and male plants. These plants have served a wide range of purposes for over 10,000 years. From seed to stalk, the whole hemp plant can be used to make fuel and feedstock. Hemp doesn’t produce enough THC for creating intoxicating effects. Though hemp doesn’t have a significant amount of THC, it can produce non-intoxicating CBD in high concentrations.

Interestingly, full spectrum extracts contain all that is available in the plant, like THC and other components. Broad spectrum extracts contain all components in the plant, expect THC. You also have hemp extracts called isolates, having all natural CBD found in hemp plants, having natural CBD found in hemp plants, but with other components completely removed.


Will Hemp Get You High?


Hemp extract includes the beneficial plant compounds famously called cannabinoids, including CBD, but low in THC. THC is the psychoactive compound that gives you the “high feel” when you smoke weed. There is little THC in hemp products, less than 0.3% versus up to 30% in marijuana. Hemp extracts contain terpenes, flavonoids, organic compounds found in all fruits, plants that give off aroma and taste. These give out proper responses within the body and work with cannabinoids to boost their effects. While hemp can make the body feel good and relax your mind, it won’t make you high when taken in large doses.

Benefits Of Hemp Extract

  • 1Vaping hemp is believed to be one of the fastest ways to consume CBD. Hemp delivers cannabidiol straight to your system. In terms of effectiveness and bioavailability, hemp ranks alongside CBD oil tinctures.
  • 2Hemp contains secondary cannabinoids and flavonoids, and aromatic terpenes. When used alongside cannabidiol, it works to deliver the famous entourage effect. It is more effective when used as an isolate.
  • 3Hemp relieves pain by impacting the activity of your endocannabinoid system or ECS. When introducing more cannabinoids into your system, it enters the ECS and binds the receptors that change its chemical structure.
  • 4Anxiety is another medical condition that hemp can help treat. Hemp helps treat almost all kinds of disorders and has shown positive results with stress disorder and post-traumatic disorder.
  • 5Hemp treats insomnia by erasing the Rapid Eye Movement phase of sleep. It allows you to have a dreamless and more productive rest.
  • 6Hemp extracts are believed to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes. A study conducted in animals showed it lowers the chance of type 2 diabetes in animals, so believed to do the same for humans.
  • 7Hemp can also help deal with substance use disorders. It combats the psychoactive effects of THC and studies have shown that it decreases the use of marijuana.

Is Hemp Extract Different From Marijuana?

Even though marijuana and hemp are both from the same plant, there are several ways in which these two differ. Having a clear understanding can help you make your way into the cannabis market. In the US, marijuana is defined as any cannabis Sativa plant having greater than 0.3%THC. Hemp plants are defined as any cannabis plant having 0.3% or less THC. While hemp agriculture and products are legal across 50 US states, marijuana is still categorized as a Schedule 1 drug. Meaning any marijuana-derived product is considered illegal under federal law.

Does Hemp Extract Show Up On Drug Test?

Usually, hemp extract doesn’t show up on drug tests. Regular use of hemp extract or hemp products will not positively affect drug tests. Hemp-based products in the US are not allowed to contain psychoactive cannabinoids or THC. If lab-tested hemp products contain traceable amounts of hemp, it would be small quantities that may show up in minimal amounts on a drug test.

Common drug screenings look for psychoactive components of marijuana, THC, or its metabolites in particular quantities for determining marijuana use. In case of hemp extracts showing up on drug tests depends on the product quality and components. You need to know how to use hemp extract to reap its benefits.

Using hemp containing THC can result in false positives in drug or urine tests. To get negative results, you must choose hemp products that are THC-free.

What Is Hemp Extract Used For?

Many people wonder what hemp extract is used for. Hemp extract can treat several conditions. In addition, there are no side effects to be expected when taking it. The extract is harmless and supports health and well-being. Cannabis, known as an effective pain reliever and sedative, can relieve cramps if multiple sclerosis is present.

It can serve as a mood enhancer and quite effective against depression. A unique feature there is no habituation effect when taking it as in other pain relievers. In regards to using hemp extract, it can be used in tinctures. Hemp is believed to promote heart health, prevents heart diseases, especially those caused by inflammation.

Hemp extract is powerful stuff whether used orally or topically. There are several topical benefits. With more research being conducted, you can see more and more hemp extract products being available.