Why Our Product Is Unique

Why Our Product Is Unique

NXXT has placed itself as the industry expert in CBD supporting a line of premium products including CBD pods, e-juices and more. We combine our in-depth understanding of the industry along premium quality ingredients to come up with something new and exciting for you. What sets us apart from others is our constant zeal to bring something unique. NXXT promises to offer the ultimate CBD experience to its customers- now and forever! We give you more reasons to choose us every time.


Third-Party Lab Tested Products

Our products and ingredients all comply with the FDA standards and requirements. NXXT products undergo several third party lab tests for solvents, heavy metals or pesticides before releasing the commercial lots to you. Customer safety is always a priority and we never compromise on it. Our ingredients are pesticide and chemical free, and safe for one and all. We vouch to offer premium ingredients that you can enjoy at your best. If it’s not tested, it’s not NXXT!

Delicious, Natural Flavors

At NXXT, we love innovation and experimenting. This led us to come with an amazing range of delicious flavors you haven’t experienced before. Our flavor experts are second to one when curating fresh flavors. Our naturally sourced flavors give the pod juices the exact consistency it requires. You experience a blast of flavor in every puff you take. Our signature flavor blends are all infused with CBD for a wonderful and timeless experience. That’s NXXT for you!


Best-Rated CBD Disposable

Convenience of vaping is what we aim to offer our consumers. With our superb range of disposable CBD pods you can enjoy a vape anytime. Discreet and pocket-sized pods filled with delicious pod liquid can surely make its way to your heart. At NXXT, we work hard to deliver a premium vape experience that satisfies your cravings. The CBD disposables are every vapers’ delight bar that requires no charging, or refilling. Your convenience is our utmost priority at NXXT!


Our premium range of products include the perfect mix of cannabinoids including full spectrum CBG, CBD, CBN, hemp, Delta 8 and more. Our vapes are effective and pure since they offer you the fastest way to feel the goodness of CBD. Our vapes are made from 100% legal extract from the US grown hemp plant. We cater to a wide range of products that includes everything you may need for a fantastic experience. There is something for everyone at NXXT!


CBD Hemp Extract

We, at NXXT use only US hemp grown extract that has been legally cultivated and extracted using proper oxidation process. We make sure the goodness and other beneficial properties of CBD hemp remains intact during extraction processes. Our products are completely safe for consumption as they don’t contain any insecticides or pesticides that may be harmful for you. We manufacture our product line in compliance with the Federal Food Drug Act.