NXXT Sour Strawberry Pod Liquid

NXXT Sour Strawberry Pod Liquid

Taste of strawberries complicated with the sour aftertaste is what makes Sour Strawberry special. The best strawberry flavor with a sweet and sour taste that lets you enjoy every bit of this e-juice. If you are in for something fruity, this is for you!








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Flavored Hemp Extract : 7.5%

Flavor Profile: Sour Strawberry , Total CBD : 75mg

Quantity: 10ml , THC : <0.3% , Storage: Keep in a cool dry place.


Savor the lip-smacking taste of strawberry on the inhale and on the exhale enjoy a mix of strawberry flavor with a sour taste that leaves you satisfying and craving for more.

NXXT Sour Strawberry pod liquid contains equal balance of sweet and sour that makes it more amazing. This incredible e-juice will leave your mouth watering and ready to make the mood fruity.

It is too good to be true flavor that is surely going to be your current favorite. This flavor packs a punch making it ideal for enjoying all day long when you feel the need to take a puff. Pull out your pod, fill up and enjoy a fantastic, never ending burst of flavors.


  • Lives by purity, consistency and safety
  • Well-packaged 10ml bottle
  • Lab tested ingredients
  • Less than 0.3% THC


  • No nicotine
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Additional flavorings
  • US grown hemp


  • 1. What are the benefits of hemp extract?

    Naturally grown hemp helps in pain relief, depression, nausea, obesity and anxiety.

    2. What is your mode of payment?

    We accept all cards including American Express, Master Card, along with Paypal.

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Lab Results

Our products and ingredients undergo third party lab testing so the end result is always safe and pire ingredients without harmful chemicals or high amount of THC.

Lab Results


  • Not recommended for use in devices with high wattages.
  • E-juices should not be consumed orally.
  • Don’t inhale e-juice if you are allergic to any ingredient.

NXXT Sour Strawberry Liquid

Enjoy the lip-smacking taste of sweet and sour strawberry on the inhale and on the exhale that eaves you satisfying and craving for more.

Flavor: Sour Strawberry
Hemp Extract: 7.5%
Quantity: 10ml
THC: <0.3%



The CBD products Nxxt extends are organic and are made of natural organic flavors and extracts. Have medicinal properties, and they source other components from organically grown tobacco plants.

Less amount of THC

Less amount of THC

CBD products offered by Nxxt have little involvement with THC. THC, the primary psychoactive compound as we know, is present in hemp plants and is responsible for producing high sensations. THC is pretty intense and can harm minds and health.



Nxxt, by producing high-quality delta 8 vapes is promoting the vaping culture which in turn prevents repercussions of deforestation to the environment due to the cultivation of tobacco.

3rd party tested

3rd party tested

You can trust the vape products from Nxxt as they are subjected to countless third-party lab tests and are backed by numerous safety certifications.

Pharmaceutical-grade CBD

Pharmaceutical-grade CBD

Nxxt uses the full and broad spectrum of pharmaceutical-grade CBD in their e-juice making. The elements they put in their CBD products guarantee quality and produce complete results.