NXXT Spliff Classic Tobacco Pod Liquid

NXXT Spliff Classic Tobacco Pod Liquid

Embrace Nxxt Spliffs premium collection of classic tobacco that has literally zero harshnesses and astringency. With the very first puff, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting yet authentic flavor of tobacco that will elevate your taste buds. This product is true to its taste and is best for people who prefer pinpoint accuracy on single note flavor profiles






1.5mg/ml TFN




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Product Details

Flavored Hemp Extract : 7.5% | TFN : 1.5%

Flavor Profile: Classic Tobacco , Total CBD : 75mg

Quantity: 10ml , THC : <0.3% , Storage: Keep in a cool dry place.


Our line of premium classic tobacco is made of unique ingredients, the finest of tobacco blends that guarantee rich smoky and smooth flavors.

The Spliff classic tobacco is Nxxt’s best-seller. The carefully and delicately selected tobacco help defines the quality of the flavor and renders smooth throat hits. This spliff has a unique blend of tobacco extracts, naturally grown hemp, and TFN (popularly known as artificial nicotine) that manages to render the taste of tobacco excluding the harsh feeling of actually having one.

It is an ideal option for beginners. Also, benefits adult smokers from indulging in excessive nicotine consumption simultaneously providing nicotine satisfaction. For enjoying major tobacco vibes, get your hands on this gem of a product. Perfect for those craving for a smoother flavor of tobacco and not the intense flavors.


  • Consistent, safe, and pure
  • 3rd party approved
  • Satisfaction n 30 days guaranteed
  • 800 puffs or money-back promise
  • Premium cannabinoids employed
  • 1.5% artificial nicotine
  • Tobacco-free


  • 3.5 Hemp extract
  • Artificial & Natural Flavoring
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Propylene glycol
  • 1.5% TFN used


  • 1. What device should be used for consuming this?

    Nxxt Spliff Eliquids can be consumed with any compatible vape devices in the market

    2. Any precise way of storing these?

    Store it in a dark place away from direct sunlight.

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Lab Results

With years of industry expertise and thorough knowledge of the cannabis movement, we vouch to be the most reliable company when it comes to crafting CBD-oriented products. Our largest and skilled staff execute meticulous lab testing and are then produce sound and safe cannabis for consumption.

Lab Results


  • Not for the consumption of children.
  • People who will undergo drug tests should not consume it.
  • People with medical history should not have it.


The CBD products Nxxt extends are organic and are made of natural organic flavors and extracts. Have medicinal properties, and they source other components from organically grown tobacco plants.

Less amount of THC

Less amount of THC

CBD products offered by Nxxt have little involvement with THC. THC, the primary psychoactive compound as we know, is present in hemp plants and is responsible for producing high sensations. THC is pretty intense and can harm minds and health.



Nxxt, by producing high-quality delta 8 vapes is promoting the vaping culture which in turn prevents repercussions of deforestation to the environment due to the cultivation of tobacco.

3rd party tested

3rd party tested

You can trust the vape products from Nxxt as they are subjected to countless third-party lab tests and are backed by numerous safety certifications.

Pharmaceutical-grade CBD

Pharmaceutical-grade CBD

Nxxt uses the full and broad spectrum of pharmaceutical-grade CBD in their e-juice making. The elements they put in their CBD products guarantee quality and produce complete results.